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Food Tips After Extractions

Let’s face it no one wants to go through a tooth extraction. They are uncomfortable, annoying and for some, extremely nerve-racking. But for the betterment of your health, they must be done.

One of the most important things you can do is to prepare for the aftermath of the extraction. Specifically, prepare your kitchen and pantry with food that will make your life easier.

To help you better understand what to expect, here’s a list of what you should and shouldn’t keep in your kitchen post tooth extraction.

1. Sugar-free ice pops

Having something icy next to you can reduce any swelling in your mouth which further results in reducing discomfort.

2.  Scrambled eggs

A high protein meal that is easy to eat without putting unnecessary pressure on your gums.

3. Cold Vegetable Soups

Don’t miss out on the vital nutrients that help you heal. Cold vegetable soups are tasty while being easy to consume.

4.  No chips and candy

Though delicious and tempting these foods require too much chewing that disturbs the wound and causes infection.

5. Skip alcoholic drinks as you are on pain medication

Alcohol negatively impacts the efficacy of your medication and can cause more harm than necessary.

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