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Oral Hygiene Care In NoosaMother and daughter brushing teeth

Great oral hygiene starts with a healthy brushing and flossing routine. Here are tips to get your entire family’s oral health up to par.

How to Brush Your Teeth Properly

There’s more to great toothbrushing than just being good about using your brush twice a day (but that’s the perfect place to start). Make sure you’ve selected a soft or extra-soft brush so that the bristles are less abrasive to your smile. Overzealous scrubbing can lead to wear and gum recession, so apply just enough light pressure to cause gentle blanching in your gums.

Angle the bristles towards your gumlines, making short strokes on just 1-2 teeth at a time. This method helps to ensure that plaque is cleaned away from the contours where teeth meet, as well as gum margins, where plaque tends to be heaviest. Set a timer to ensure you’re brushing for a minimum of two minutes, each time.

Woman flossing teeth

Flossing: What You Need to Know

Flossing is an essential daily habit, as it removes soft plaque biofilm from surfaces that brushing doesn’t reach. Without it, you will be more prone to developing cavities and gum disease.

Start by wrapping the floss in a taut “C” shape around your tooth, then slide it up and down just under the gums and between your teeth several times. Raise it over the pointed gum tissues and move to the next tooth. Repeat the process on every tooth — even the ones in the back — until you’ve flossed each one.

Bleeding gums are often a concern, especially when flossing is done infrequently. Symptoms of gingivitis often include bleeding or sensitive gums but typically go away within two weeks of proper daily home care. If bleeding persists, schedule a periodontal exam to make sure you don’t have gum disease.

If flossing is challenging, due to dexterity or hard-to-reach areas, you may want to consider trading your stranded floss in for a water flosser. These devices can access areas deep under the gums, bridges and between teeth.

Using the Right Oral Care Products

Fluoridated toothpaste comes in a variety of formulas. If you have specific concerns such as tartar buildup, sensitivity or stain, read the labels to select one that’s best for you.

As always, be sure to ask our dentist or oral health therapist for advice on how to keep your mouth in the best shape possible!

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